Call for Papers

Prospective authors in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer systems are invited to submit original manuscripts, which are unpublished, and not communicated or under review of any other conferences and journals. It is highly welcomed to submit papers with new research and recent developments in the topics listed blow. All authors, whose papers are accepted, are required to attend the conference, non-presented papers will be excluded from submission to IEEE Xplore. The specific topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
  • Topic 4
  • Topic 5
  • Topic 6

Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence Theory and Applications

Machine Learning
Pattern Recognition
Knowledge Discovery
Intelligent Data Analysis
Neural Networks
Genetic Algorithms
Medical Diagnostics
Data Mining
Support Vector Machines
Machine Vision
Intelligent Systems and Language

Topic 2. Computer Science

Algorithm Design
Analysis of Algorithms
Cloud Computing
Cognitive Science
Computability Theory
Computational Linguistics
Computational Neuroscience
Computer Accessibility
Computer Animation

Object-oriented Programming
Operating Systems
Procedural Programming
Programming Paradigms
Quantum Computing Theory
Scientific Computing
Computer Architecture
Computer Programming
Database Management Systems
Expert Systems

Information theory
Logic Programming
Network Topology
Numerical Algorithms
Software Design
Software Development Process
Software Engineering
Software Testing
Ubiquitous Computing
Wearable Computing

Topic 3: Network, Communication Technology and Applications

Attacks and Prevention of Online Fraud
Cryptographic Protocols and Functions
Information Hiding and Watermarking
Infrastructure Security
Intrusion Detection, Tolerance and Prevention
Network and Wireless Network Security
Adaptive Modulation and Coding
Channel Capacity and Channel Coding
CDMA and Spread Spectrum
System Modeling and Simulationork Security

Topic 4: System Modeling and Simulation

Simulation Tools and Languages
Web-based Simulation
Monte Carlo Simulation
Distributed Simulation
Simulation Optimization
Dynamic Modelling
Complex Systems Modeling and Simulation

Topic 5: Automation Control and Applications

Micro-computer Embedded Control Applications
Process Control and Automation
Sensors and Applications
Fuzzy Control and Its Applications
Cybernetics for Informatics
Measurement and Diagnosis Systems
Digital System and Logic Design
Circuits and Systems

Topic 6: Software Engineering and Information System Design

Software Architectures
Software Design and Development
Software Testing
Software Agents
Web-based Software Engineering
Software Performance Engineering
Model-Driven Development
Applications of DB Systems and Information Systems

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